Lamerd Cement Company Values

v  Customer-orientation: care customer needs; get comments, suggestions, feedbacks and efforts to increase customer satisfaction.

v  Pledge to Quality and continuous improvement: Prepare a set of standards and quality procedures, continuous evaluation, organizational excellence and upgrade it.

v Development and participation: the process attitude to system and cooperation and participation in all partners in carrying out the activities of the organization.

v  Social Responsibility: Understanding its responsibility to the community and compliance with laws and regulations and adhere to ethical values.

v  Protecting the environment: laws and regulations protecting and not harm to the green space development, conservation of energy resources.

v  Knowledge, Creativity and Innovation: learning modern knowledge and use it to improve performance and products. Support new ideas.

v  Mutual respect and trust: a pledge to ethical values ​​and understanding their responsibility to each other and pay attention to them.

Lamerd Cement Company Mission

 Lamerd Cement Company, the largest producer of cement in the province and one of the most advanced cement production units with production and supply cement in the domestic and foreign markets, national and international quality standards, using the latest technology in the world, benefit from enabling knowledge workers to be considered a structure and approach to environmental protection and occupational health and strives to serve customers and meet their needs move.

Lamerd cement Company perspective

It is Lamard Cement Company as a brand, with continuous improvement in manufacturing processes and their supports has become a leading enterprise in the quality field and supply various products and gain first place in the country's cement exports.




Integrated Management System Policy (IMS)


Lamerd Cement Company

Lamerd Cement Company in order to create transparency for customers and other beneficiaries, with a common path and to provide orientation to the organization, Integrated Management System policy (IMS) to just below and to the explicit expression (ies).

In this regard Lamerd Cement Company with  strategic decisions on the one hand to the design and implementation of a quality management system based on international standards ISO 9001: 2008 and environmental management system based on international standard ISO 14001: 2004 and Occupational Safety and Health Management System based on the standard OHSAS18001: 2007 and energy management system ISO50001: 2011 complaints management system ISO10002: 2004 and monitoring and evaluation of customer satisfaction ISO10004: 2012 action and on the other hand, according to the principle of continuous improvement based on the following principles and strategies of the above-mentioned goals pay attention:

v  increase customer satisfaction and strengthen bilateral relations

v     special attention to the human resources flourishing  and benefiting from their participation in order to improve the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System

v  To promote the knowledge and employees abilities and organizational creativity

v  control and reduce significant environmental aspects and consequences of the negative effects of improvements and fixes to protect the environment and prevent pollution

v  Decrease in the average rate of accidents and safety risk management and safety culture distribution in order to prevent the occurrence of accidents and the use of appropriate methods to control and reduce them.





v  Effort in protect the environmental and energy efficiency with emphasis on preventive measures and compliance with laws and buy products and services with more energy performance.

v  improve the management of complaints and grievances reduced them through the use of equipment and facilities

v  identify, assess and observe the laws and requirements of the Integrated Management System in accordance with organizational goals

v  increase customer satisfaction management system to handle complaints and satisfaction measurement system and the relevant facilities

v  continuous monitoring and measuring  use of energy and smart energy consumption, elimination or reduction waste energy in port activities, processes and business operations and continuous efforts to improve energy performance


The Lamerd Cement Company policy communicated to the entire organization, institutionalization and to ensure continued compatibility and suitability to the daily conditions, economic developments , the customer's needs and demands with the targets will be revised. So I have announced, as CEO on behalf of the board members, managers and all employees of our commitment to provide the necessary resources and their implementation.

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